2015.12.24 – Year In Review: Top Ten Columbus Theater Performances [Columbus Alive]

“A local creative/production team presented this world premiere work about a truck driver who dreams of Broadway stardom. Plaid work shirts, trucker hats, country music and throwback CB radio jargon, good buddy.”

2015.11.05 – Arts Preview: Semi Fame: The Truck Route to Broadway [Columbus Alive]

“…“It’s definitely a comedy, but it certainly has its moments of heartfelt sincerity,” Gallagher said.

The script makes liberal use of traditional trucker jargon, Gallagher said, and the music (songs make up about three-quarters of the show, he said) is purposefully simple.

“These are good ol’ boy songs, backed by just guitar and piano, that intentionally play on the simplicity of the trucker song.”…”

2015.11.01 – Big Break(er): Local Musical SEMI FAME Brings Blue Collar to Broadway [(614) Magazine]

“Josh Gandee’s eyes happened to fall upon a “Truck Route to Broadway” road sign, sparking the idea of a musical about a trucker who longs to perform in The City That Never Sleeps. Gandee and Mike Kolar, both stand-up comedians, debuted the idea with a few sketches for Wild Goose Creative’s Monday Night Live variety show.

The Gandee and Kolar duo teamed up with musician Andy Gallagher, who spent two years writing the music to Semi Fame, the story of Pete, a trucker and regular at Margie’s Diner. Pete becomes convinced by Carl, Margie’s on-again, off-again alcoholic boyfriend, to take his voice of gold to Broadway. Along the way, Pete teams up with Dan, former Hollywood child star, who learns the ways of the road from Pete.”